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Basics Of Warehouse

Warehousing and distribution services are essential elements of effective supply chain management. A warehousing service provides a holding space for cargo and inventories should you not have sufficient room on your premise. It also safeguards goods from loss, theft, or damage with security measures. Our warehouse in Malaysia offers comprehensive warehousing and distribution services.

Movements of goods consists of:

  •  Inbound activity (unloading of goods from transport and received by warehouse)
  • Storage (transfer cargo from inbound area to designated storage area)
  • Order selecting (choose items to be shipped and move to outbound area)
  • Outbound activity (inspect and load cargoes for shipment)


Ambient Warehouse

With a total of more than 900,000 sq-ft storage space, our warehouse storage in Malaysia is connected to many storage spaces to suit different cargo and requirements. Working closely with only the best in the industry, our clients are ensured top notch warehousing service from our professional team with various services offered to name a few

Full B2B Distribution Services

  • Comprehensive B2B door-to-door services

E-commerce Fulfilment

  • With technology and logistics integration, we connect your brand marketplaces, social media, website, all the way to storing and delivering your physical products, and managing orders and stocks.

Portable Storage Boxes

  • Self-storage services; comes in 2 different sizes

Overflow Storage

  • Additional space to suit different business trends

    Contract Logistics

    • Customization of total logistics solutions

    Other Value Added Customised Services

    • Bundling
    • Repackaging
    • Labelling
    • Stamping
    • Quality Checking
    • Goods Disposal
    • Distribution Point

    Technology and Equipment

    • All-round security features 24/7
    • Warehouse Management System (WMS)
    • First-In-First-Out (FIFO) and Batch Control system
    • System Integration between E-commerce and Warehouse
      warehouse staff

      Some of our Industry Partners

      • Healthcare
      • Retail/Fashion
      • Household (Cleaning & Laundry Products)
      • Ambient Food And Beverages
      • Personal Care
      • Toiletries
      • Consumer Electronics

      How Can We Help You

      At Uniqtrans, our dedicated staff will assist in liaising with the warehouse Malaysia in preparation for warehouse storage in Malaysia, inbound and outbound cargoes. A key customer service officer will be appointed so there are smooth arrangements of shipments with warehouse and distribution services operations ensuring minimal error and clear communications. Our processes are fine-tuned with the latest WMS system for inventory tracking that’s able to link to e-commerce platforms while keeping your costs low.


      The process of moving cargo into the warehouse when cargo is received from suppliers, manufacturers, or distributors. Cargo is delivered to the company, brand, retailers, or third-party logistics companies.

      • Warehouse Receiving
      • Inventory Storage
      • Space Allocation


      The process of moving cargo out of a warehouse where cargo is received from the company, brand, retailer, or third-party logistics company. Cargo is delivered to end customers and end users.

      • Order and PO confirmation
      • Picking & Packing
      • Shipping
      • Last-mile Delivery
      • Delivery Tracking
      warehousing and distribution services