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Trucking Logistics

Good planning can eliminate additional costs and optimise delivery time. Trucking is one of the main modes of transportation in logistics. Haulage transport services are the planning of cargo movement via land. Trucking logistics is typically the primary mode of commercial transport and plays a significant role in safely and effectively transporting cargo to its destination. Our haulage services include determining the quickest and most efficient route based on the customer’s delivery requirements. At Uniqtrans, we understand that good planning can help to cut costs and shorten delivery times. As a result, we are constantly striving to provide our customers with the most dependable services possible.

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Types Of Trucking Logistics

Various types of trucks are required depending on cargo weight and size. With years of experience in the logistics industry, we have been effectively arranging trucks of varying sizes based on our customers’ requirements.

  • General load – 1 ton, 3 ton, 5 ton, 10 ton lorries (box, curtain, cargo)
  • Large load – 40 footer (20 ton lorry) (box, curtain, cargo)
  • Refrigerated trucks – 3 ton, 5 ton, 10 ton
  • Container/haulage
  • Special request trucks – crane lorry, low bed trailer, prime mover, side loader container, mobile crane, skylift, tankers

Haulage Transport

Haulage is a commercial activity of transporting goods by road. Essentially, it transfers a container from one location to another. The containers are hauled by trailers between suppliers, factories, warehouses, or depots. Furthermore, haulage transport also covers cross-border movements of goods.


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Haulage Services

  • Delivery of containerised movement between port and shipper/consignee’s place
  • Delivery of laden and empty containers
  • Shunting services
  • Depot services

Industries Partners

  • Multinational Companies (MNC)
  • Logistics Companies
  • Manufacturers
  • Trading Companies

Benefits Of Working With Trucking Logistics Companies

Various benefits have been associated with trucking logistics:

  • Optimize Time – trucking companies plans trips quickly and efficiently to streamline your logistics process, reducing your responsibilities and saving valuable time
  • Reduces Costs – reduces need for companies to acquire trucks and manage drivers, fuel, licensing, maintenance, and repairs.
  • Better Risk Management – mitigate risks of theft and damage with trucking companies
  • Various Truck Requirement – be it haulage, 5-ton, 40-footer, or LCL pickups, different ranges of trucks will enable you to save time and money, and keep up to your cargo size requirements
  • Technology Advancement – real-time tracking on whole shipment process ensuring cargoes are safely delivered
  • Support Customer Service – customers are well-informed on the status of their goods transportations

With Uniqtrans handling your haulage services needs, we give assurance of safe handling of goods with comprehensive door-to-door delivery. We provide dedicated service for our customers to ensure reliable delivery to its final destination.