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Global Logistics Service

Our global logistics service is a reliable option for everyone. Uniqtrans is an experienced and established logistic company due to its certified and licensed staff plus vast supply chain management. We are a core member of many international logistics groups and we have established a strong business network with reputable company to fulfill any kind of logistics operation successfully without any hassle. 

global logistics service

Our Logistic Service

Our global logistics service deals with everything ourselves during a long process of production towards product consumption. Our international logistics experts deal with all the testing, packaging, labelling, loading, freight, transportation, unloading, warehousing, storing, inventory management and much more. We always manage a seamless pattern of flowing goods from the producers to the consumers managing everything by our supply chain department. Our service providers are everywhere in the agricultural, industrial, mechanical, electrical and chemical departments. We have specific transportation means and temperature-sensitive warehousing as well.