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Frozen Food Delivery Services

Temperature-sensitive products must be delivered using specialised vehicles, such as refrigerated trucks. We understand that such a diverse range of products must be transported with great care. At Uniqtrans, we offer frozen food delivery services. Since the temperature of our trucks can be controlled based on the requirements, we can meet various product temperature needs. We also provide door to door delivery services throughout Malaysia to cater to your delivery needs.

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What We Deliver

Uniqtrans is your trusted provider of frozen food delivery services. We have been in the logistics industry for almost 20 years. Throughout the years in the business, we have worked with multiple frozen food manufacturers and distributors. Our company adheres to stringent processes and procedures for delivery services. Apart from providing frozen food delivery services, we also deliver poultry, ready-to-eat meals, frozen seafood, fruits, and vegetables. At Uniqtrans, we ensure only optimal stacking to prevent damage to the products and commodities we deliver.

The Process

Every precaution is taken to ensure that all grounds are covered, from cold storage to door to door delivery services and receipt of the products

Process 1: Delivering low-temperature food to the staging area

Low-temperature foods, such as frozen meats, are placed in the staging area after being removed from the freezer or cold storage.

Process 2: Prior to loading

Before loading a refrigerated truck, the temperature inside the truck should be cooled.

Process 3: Loading

Refrigerated trucks typically reduce the temperature inside the truck to less than -18 ° C and keep it there during shipping.

Process 4: Store delivery.

The temperature in the truck body should be normal before the door is opened.

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