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Uniqtrans As Your Customs Broker

Uniqtrans has maintained its strength in assisting customers over the past decade. With frequent changes in regulations, we play a proactive role in ensuring we are always up to date on the latest developments. Specialising in perishable and electrical cargoes among others, we understand the complexity that can arise in a shipment. Customs brokers play a vital role in preventing costly delays and ensuring smooth releases. Uniqtrans’ customs clearance service assures you that we are the ideal partner for your business. It’s important to consider the following factors when selecting a customs broker partner.

  • Experienced in handling customs requirements for your type of cargo
  • Able to communicate and are responsive when you need them
  • Located nearby port area of frequent shipment for easy port and customs access
  • Have maintained a good reputation and relationship with government authorities and agencies
  • Has positive references from clients who’s in the same industry as your business
  • A customs broker with in-house licence registered with government authorities for smooth communications
  • Effort to upgrade with the use of technology for shipment tracking and customs clearance for time and cost savings
  • Has regular training and education for consistent growth in line with ISO 9001:2015

How Can A Customs Broker Assist You

A customs brokerage provider assists you in classifying goods using the globally recognized Harmonized System Classification (HS), which consists of 6-10 digits of a unique numbering system established by the World Customs Organization (WCO). The WCO is responsible for determining the duties and taxes payable. Additionally, a customs broker will ensure you are following customs rules and regulations to avoid shipment clearance delays. The designated broker will also advise you on the latest trade agreements to reduce duties and taxes.

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Customs Clearance And It’s Processes

Customs clearance is a mandatory procedure required before cargo can be imported or exported internationally. The process generally involves submitting documents to customs for declaration and inspection, followed by the payment of customs duty. The customs department will inform the exporter/importer whether the cargo can be released or must be held for further inspection. The importer or exporter may appoint an authorised customs clearance agent (also known as a freight forwarder) to assist with customs dealings. A customs clearance service provider acts as the exporter/importer’s representative, handling all port and customs-related issues. As a customs brokerage service provider, Uniqtrans is well-versed in international customs rules and regulations. You can trust us to manage your customs proceedings efficiently.

  1. Paperwork Submission – complete paperwork is submitted to customs with a customs form generated by a customs clearance agent indicating accurate HS Code and amount of duty and tax payable.
  2. Paperwork Verification – customs officer will check and verify documents in order to proceed with payment of duties and taxes.
  3. Inspection – the officer might hold the shipment for inspection, which may delay the customs clearance process. An appointed customs broker will attend the inspection with the customs officer. After the cargo inspection, the customs officer will determine if further query or shipment can be released.
  4. Payment of taxes and duties – customs will issue the final customs form after verification, and payment can be done.
  5. Release of Shipment – after payment, cargo will be released, and the freight forwarder will arrange for transportation of cargo out from the port, or cargo can be shipped on board for export.
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Documents Required For Customs Clearance 

Types of documents generally required for customs clearance involve:

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Bill of Lading or Seaway Bill
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Customs Form (k1, k2, k3, k8, etc) – generated by customs broker

Depending on the cargo, other documents e.g Certificate of Analysis (COA), Health Certificate (HC), might be required as well.

Uniqtrans is in line with all the above qualities and will be ready to assist with your shipment needs. With our experience, you can be assured your shipments are in good care.