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Cross Border Logistics

Cross border logistics allows cargoes to be transported by road across international borders to neighbouring countries (e.g., Singapore, Thailand). The entire process is similar to ocean and air freight, requiring that documentation be submitted to customs for clearance. Cargoes must also adhere to labelling and packaging requirements. Our cross border trucking services focus on the customer, providing peace of mind. Furthermore, we take pride in our attention to detail, enabling you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Benefits Of Cross Border Trucking

Cross border logistics mainly involves a trucking company handling pickup up to door delivery in neighbouring countries. Some of the benefits include:

  • High flexibility as there’s no need to adhere to a fixed schedule
  • No shipping/flight delays involved as cargoes are transported via private trucks
  • Low costs involved as process is simpler and doesn’t involve many other parties
  • Convenient as trucks can be booked a few days ahead for space booking
  • Less cargo damage as there’s no need to move cargoes to storage areas
  • Safer delivery, unlike postal arrangements where items may get lost
  • Live GPS on truck location for updated delivery tracking
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Uniqtrans Logistic Services

We get your goods moving safely, timely, and efficiently. Our team will assist you with customs clearance in both the origin and destination countries. Uniqtrans prioritises and tracks your cargo to ensure its safe delivery. When you engage our services, we will arrange truck bookings 2-3 days before the scheduled pickup. You do not have to worry about documentation. All cross border document sorting and checking will be taken care of by our team.