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Cold Chain Logistics

Cold chain logistics companies provide thorough arrangements for the whole process for cargoes, such as foodstuff, fresh produce, medical supplies, and pharmaceutical products. The cargo must be kept at a consistent, specific, or temperature range. Cold chain warehousing facilities are usually fitted with temperature-controlled facilities. Cold chain logistics services are vital for transporting perishable cargo globally while maintaining optimal conditions to prevent sensitive products from spoiling.

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Basic Elements Of Cold Chain

  • Cold chain warehouse: facility to store perishable goods
  • Cold chain delivery: temperature and humidity controlled mode of transports
  • Cold chain distribution: distribute cartons and pallets under stable temperature

Several Methods To Keep Goods At The Desired Temperature

  • Gel packs: Often used for pharmaceutical goods
  • Dry ice: Used for pharmaceutical and food cargoes
  • Reefer: Insulated transport/container with built-in cooling system

Your Trusted Cold Chain Delivery

Your temperature-controlled cargo requires a lot of planning to ensure that the shipment is delivered timely and efficiently while maintaining its quality. At Uniqtrans, we go all out to make sure your requirements are met. Whether it’s a new product in the market, penetration into a new market, operational issue, or storage requirements – we will work out a solution for you. Placed among leading cold chain logistics companies in Malaysia, Uniqtrans has been diligently serving customers, providing them with peace of mind for their cold chain logistics services. We help our customers

  • Liaise with shippers on cargo status of readiness
  • Arrange origin pickup, clearance, and freight
  • Track on cargo status and ETA destination
  • Schedule destination clearance and delivery plan


  • Liaise with cold chain warehousing service provider on the distribution process
  • Insure sensitive cargoes for protection against damage and theft
  • Provide consultation for perishable items import and export requirements

We help you to manage your cold chain logistics so you can focus on your business.