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Air Freight Services

Air freight services involve the movement and shipment of goods via an air carrier. Cargoes will be transported out of commercial or passenger aviation gateways to anywhere planes can fly and land. With quicker transit times compared to other transport alternatives such as ocean, road, or rail, cargoes can be shipped by air from one continent to another in just a few hours. As the fastest alternative to ship goods, air freight logistics is also the costliest option among all modes of transport. Similar to ocean freight, various parties are involved when transporting cargoes, from origin transport, port authorities, customs officer, airline, and insurance provider until destination port and customs authorities.

Benefits of Air Freight Transportation

Air freight logistics is known as the best transport alternative for high-value and low-volume shipments, with trillions in cargo value being transported each year. 

There are many benefits of using air freight:

  • Fastest speed
  • Highly reliable
  • Reach remote destinations
  • High security and minimal handling
  • Reduced cost of warehouse and packaging
  • Easy to track

Air Freight Related Services

  • Air freight booking
  • Overseas handling – transportation, customs clearance, port authority
  • Custom in-house brokerage
  • Local transportation
  • Marine insurance


air freight

Types of Cargo

  • General cargo – high value cargo, low volume, high priority cargo
  • Sensitive cargo – time-sensitive cargo, temperature-sensitive cargo, pharmaceutical goods, perishable goods

Why Uniqtrans?

Uniqtrans works as an intermediary, simplifying the process when you choose us as your air freight forwarder for handling air shipments from start to finish. We manage air freight for both import and export worldwide, including air freight to East Malaysia. As your trusted partner and air freight forwarder, we offer comprehensive air freight transportation solutions, all managed by our dedicated team. We ensure reliable air freight services for all your export and import needs. Our strong network of international partners and agents in major cities and airports worldwide enables us to tailor specific routes for your shipment requirements.


East Malaysia Air Freight Service

At Uniqtrans, we also offer air freight to East Malaysia to major airports of Sabah and Sarawak for perishables cargoes.