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A Guide to Air Freight Export and Import

Air freight accounts for 35% of all foreign trade. Export and import air freight have grown in popularity as a means of transferring goods across national or international borders. Globalisation has resulted in the rise of global commerce networks, and export air freight is the most efficient mode of carrying goods throughout the world. International freight transit is provided by many logistics and transportation firms.

Air freight has enabled people to have what they need, when they need it, from perishable goods to vehicle machinery. Because of the air freight industry, many firms have grown and been able to ship their products all over the world.

With more than 20 years of experience, Uniqtrans Logistics Sdn Bhd has been providing export air freight services and support to customers from a variety of industries, ranging from temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals to automotive components.

Air Freight Procedures

At Uniqtrans, we will arrange your shipment every step of the way. Be updated on your package tracking status at every stage of the air export progress, from collection through transit to final delivery. Exact processes may vary depending on your shipment criteria, but our air exports generally follow below guideline:

  1. Brief
    • Client will provide requirements and cargo details.
  2. Research
    • Uniqtrans will source and propose on the most suitable shipping methods eg. quickest time, cost savings, temperature controlled.
  3. Quotation
    • Proposal of logistics plan and quotation to customer.
  4. Preparation
    • Pickup preparations with shipper, check freight space allocation, paperwork and regulations checking eg. commercial invoice, packing list, permits, licenses.
  5. Execution
    • Execution of planning. Process will be monitored and updates provided to customer until final delivery.

Request a quotation for your export and import air freight to your destination by filling out the form. Our team is always available to meet your supply chain requirements.

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