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Leading Logistics Company in Klang

We shape and simplify total logistics solutions for the supply chain as a leading logistics company in Klang, with a solid determination to connect people and goods. We go above and beyond, discovering greater possibilities to meet the needs of our customers.

A Common Purpose: Delivering Progress to Society

As your partner logistics service provider, we believe in being a part of something greater. That is why we dedicate our time to ensuring that our customers worldwide can reach what drives their businesses and lives. From engineering parts and sensitive cargoes to perishables and urgent pharmaceutical products.

logistics company in klang

Our Strategic Approach: Customer Focused

At Uniqtrans, we believe in personalized solutions for our customers, inspiring us to forge relationships and connectivity with businesses and individuals, building trust and integrity. Growth is also a fundamental part of us, as we believe it is the essence of life and part of building a brighter future. With hard work and dedication, we are well committed to our promises, ensuring our customers’ logistics are in great hands. We serve with great integrity as your trusted logistics company in Klang.

Our Story

Taking root in 2006, from the humble beginnings of a logistics company in Klang, we anticipate challenges and design solutions that address ever-changing consumer demands. Trustworthy and reliable logistics company in Port Klang, we have handled various cargoes in the cold chain industry. Uniqtrans Logistics Sdn Bhd proudly continues its legacy of creating an exceptional customer experience with us as a leading total logistics service provider.


Our vision is to emerge as a leading logistics cold chain provider, establishing Uniqtrans as a trusted partner globally. Recognized for innovation, reliability, and sustainable practices


We strive to deliver a positive experience to clients with exceptional customer service. Ensuring integrity and professionalism in offering temperature-controlled logistics solution

Our Group of Companies

Uniqtrans Logistics and its subsidiaries work together as leading total logistics service providers. Together, we synergize as end-to-end integrated logistics partners, allowing us to broaden our services and support our client

In-house customs brokerage

Reefer trucks

E-commerce Warehouse

Our Advantage

What makes us different



We have been trusted by customers as a proactive and reliable logistics company in Port Klang since 2006.

customer first

Customer First

We offer customised door-to-door logistics solutions that are adapted to your business needs.

our team

Our team

Backed by the strength of our team of local experts, we offer experience and knowledge to ensure a worry-free experience.

iso certified

ISO Certified

ISO 9001:2015 accreditation assures that international shipments are managed efficiently and effectively with continuous training as part of our growth.

global partners

Global Partners

Together with our global partners, we work around the clock to find the best solutions to your sea and air freighting needs.



Integration with technology empowers process automation and customer support.

Professional Membership